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One of three classes of cellulose, Alpha Cellulose Powder has the highest degree of polymerization and is the most stable. The other two classes, known ashemicelluloses, are beta cellulose and gamma cellulose. Alpha cellulose powder is the major component of wood and paper pulp. It may be separated from the other components by soaking the pulp in a solution of sodium hydroxide. The pure white, alpha cellulose is insoluble and can be filtered from the solution and washed prior to use in the production of paper or cellulosic polymers. A high percent of alpha cellulose in paper provides a stable, permanent material. Linen and cotton contain high proportions of Alpha Cellulose Powder. Alpha cellulose pulps can be created from wood pulps and Cotton Linters using extended sulfite.



In casting material welding electrodes Alpha Cellulose is used in considerable quantities. High cellulose content ensures correct burning of electrodes. Alpha Cellulose is an inert material and it leaves practically nothing after incineration and provides reduced atmosphere due to decomposition in organic materials present in Alpha Cellulose thus it prevents oxidation. Resultant welding will be free from pinholes, cracks etc. Alpha Cellulose having wonderful free flow-ability helps in smooth extrusion of electrode without any cracks on its surface. It is must for all grades of welding electrodes. The amount to be used in welding electrodes depends on the quality and grade of welding electrodes and other ingredients in the flux. Therefore, the application of Alpha Cellulose is very essential in Welding Electrodes Industry.


Parameters Specifications
Appearance White to off-white odorless powder
Identification Complies
Alpha Cellulose by Mass Approx. 95% Min
pH 6 – 8
Moistureby Mass 7% Max
Total Ash 0.5% Max
Bulk Density 0.30 – 0.35 GM/CC
Starch and Dextrin’s NIL



Packing is done in poly laminated 25 Kg HDPE bags with 2 (Two) Liners inside. Any modifications in packing can be made as per the customer’s requirement. Alpha Cellulose Powder is non – hygroscopic and considered to be stable product and is packaged in a sealed manner. The product has no specific requirement for storage, and there is no expiration date. However, it may absorb moisture if exposed to the atmosphere with a relative humidity higher than 65%.


Because of the numerous factors affecting results, and being used in numerous Industries, Suhal Cellulose LLP products are sold on the understanding that purchasers will make their own tests to determine the suitability of this product for their particular purpose. The several uses suggested by us are presented only to assist our customers in exploring possible applications. All information and data presented are believed to be accurate and reliable but are presented without the assumption of any liability of Suhal Cellulose LLP. The information contained is intended to be general in nature.